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iSecret 3in1防塵蟎/舒鼻敏清新草本噴霧 100ML

iSecret 3in1防塵蟎/舒鼻敏清新草本噴霧 100ML

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延續「iSecret預防草本護理」品牌理念 - 預防勝於治療,
SPA 芳香

* 私人會所及醫療人員選用
* 不含殺蟲劑
* 網上多個客人表示效果顯著
3in1 功效:
・適用 : 床褥、床單、枕頭、 地毯、布梳化、布衣服、毛公仔

獨特草本配方 :

iSecret 100%純精油 - 天竺葵、檸檬、山雞椒、茶樹、桉樹、胡椒薄荷及抗菌純露。
無:殺蟲劑、農藥、酒精、防腐劑、香精、甲醛及 三氯沙,



iSecret - 3in1 Dust Mite Natural Mist
* Prevents Dust Mites
* Soothes Nasal Allergy
* Anti-germs & Odor
* Spa Mood Aroma

Spray directly onto bed, linen, curtains, clothes, sofa, carpet and dolls.
1. Spray about 20cm away from the object and about 6 times /
M2 until slightly wet.
2. Dry naturally and the effect may last for 2 months.

Natural ingredients:
Essential Oils - Geranium, Lemon, Clove Bud, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Peppermint and anti hydrosols.

* Pure Natural & Vegan
DEET Free. Pesticides Free. VOC Free. Alcohol Free. SLS Free, Fragrance Free. No Test On Animal. Safe for kids & pets.  Non-Toxic

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